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A picture of four people enthusiastically playing a board game

We host amazing meetups, and they are 100% free.

fun, friends and board games

Boardgames don't need to be daunting, we have curated board games for everyone.
Top that off with a friendly community and fun atmosphere and you have the perfect recipe for a fun and chill Sunday.

150+ Boardgames

We have so many boardgames, there's always a new boardgame to try. You will never get bored.

40+ Meetups

With meetups happening every two weeks for the last two years. You can be rest assured you will have time to play all our games.

1000+ Attendees

With so many people walking through our doors, you can be rest-assured to make connections in our community.

what our meetups look like

frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay to attend?

Our meetups are free! You don't need to pay to attend, all we ask from you is to RSVP before attending because we have limited number of slots.

Should I know the rules to a game?

Nope, in fact we don't expect anyone to know the rules to any of the games we have. We instead have capable game masters who will teach the game to you before you start.

Can I bring my own games?

Absolutely! You can bring your own games, in fact we highly encourage it.

Is there an age limit?

Whether 20 or 40, there is no upper age limit to our meetups. The only limit being that we only allow adults (18 and over) to attend.

what our community says

There is such beauty in a large gathering of people uniting for a sole purpose: having fun. You play a game at one table and move to the next. Without the usual small talk or the judging or societal pressures, the fun keeps rolling.
A male called Chandeepa Wettasinghe
Chandeepa Wettasinghe
Tabletop Sri Lanka goes beyond casual meetups, fostering friendships, mental stimulation, and diverse gaming experiences. With a welcoming community and various games, it's a place for unforgettable memories.
A woman called Dilki Punchihewa
Dilki Punchihewa

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